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la Conversation

A joint publication by INfluencia
and Entrecom, the special
edition of La Conversation explores
all the aspects of a truly French
art which has today become a
powerful lever for engaging,
motivating and transforming.

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—Welcome to the era of conversation.

Today, conversation is everywhere. In life. In the media. In homes. In offices. Conversation is nothing new. Conversation is modern. Quick. Powerful. Vital. It is exploding with new technologies. It is all over the internet. It moves from mobiles to tablets. It even invented social networks. Conversation begins in print. Continues in digital. And is resumed in person. Conversation is an effective lever. It alone creates great ideas. It makes (or breaks) reputations. It builds the loyalty of your customers over time. Motivates your teams. Involves your stakeholders. Improves how you innovate and create value.Conversation will revolutionise your communication. At Entrecom, we believe in conversation. More than an art, we see it as a solution. An opportunity. A strategy. We are experts in useful conversations. We are already assisting our clients to transform their editorial tools and team training and implement conversational strategies. We love conversation so much that we have made it central to our new identity and our interactions with clients and each other. We have also made it our signature. We have so many things to share with you, that they are beyond the scope of this conversation. Let's continue it together..."

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—Legal information.

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